Timber frame houses

Wooden houses have numerous advantages. Comfort of living in the wooden houses is comaparable to the brick budilings, however, in some respects it has even more benefits. First of all, walls of the wooden houses breathe, and in the inside there prevails friendly microclimate. Additionally, the process of construction is short and after its completion the surrounding area does not require troublesome cleaning.

Here are some advantages of timber frame houses

ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Wall of timber frame house is entirely filled with wood wool. Thanks to this, the thermal insulation of such a house is min. 20cm. It is possible to insulate a standard house to the passive house standard. In a brick house, obtaining the same standard will be on average 15% more expensive.

EASY TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT IN ROOMS – In the timber frame house only the air is heated – they do not have thermal inertia. Walls are not heated, which later give off the heat. As some people may think, frame buildings do not get cold quickly. The fact that they do not accumulate the heat does not mean that it gets cold after an hour.

FAST PROCESS OF CONSTRUCTION AND NO WEATHER RESTRICTIONS – Timber frame houses are built incomparably faster than brick ones. Within 4-6 months, you can set a standard house size from the foundation to a complete finish.

FRIENDLY HOUSES FOR USERS – To hang pictures or anything else, just an ordinary screwdriver and screws are needed (medium heavy). Of course, all very difficult things are also easily installed on the walls

RENOVATIONS ARE DONE FASTER AND EASIER – In timber frame houses every repair is shorter and cleaner, and you can easily replace everything – even the wall, without the use of heavy demolition equipment.

BUILDINGS ARE HEALTHY – Wooden buildings have a specific microclimate, propitious to residents. Almost all materials used for these houses are natural: wood, plaster, wood wool (made from recycled wood). Wood has the ability to self-regulate the humidity, thanks to which it creates its own microclimate.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Timber frame houses are very durable. In Poland and many European countries, we can easily find wooden houses that are over 100 years old. So if the house is built in accordance with the art of construction, there is no fear that we will live longer than it.  

OPTIONAL EXTERIOR APPEARANCE AND UNLIMITED CONSTRUCTION OF THE HOUSE –  The external appearance and interior finish of the walls depends on the customer, so the house may look like a brick one or as a cottage. The wooden skeleton is just a type of supporting structure. Therefore, it can be finished with plaster or bricked with clinker bricks like any house in a different technology, and it does not have to be covered with boards, as it is assumed to be.

LARGE SURFACES WITHOUT PILLARS – A properly designed lightweight structure allows to avoid supporting pillars. Thanks to this, we can get a large area of rooms without columns interfering with the furnishing and decorating – both those on the ground floor, as well as the first floor or attic.

LOWER COSTS OF CONSTRUCTION – A well-built Canadian house is cheaper than a well-built brick house by 15% on average. The walls occupy a smaller area of the building. A brick house with a 100m2 building area will have 10m2 floor area less than a timber frame house with the same building structure

LOW USING COSTSApproximate annual cost of maintaining a timber frame house with an area 130m2 is 6000 PLN. This amount includes electricity, water, sewerage, heating, wood for the fireplace and garbage collection. These costs can still be minimized by the use of Renewable Energy Sources.

IDEAL CONSTRUCTION FOR OFFICE BUILDINGS, PUBLIC UTILITY BUILDINGS AND SUMMER HOUSES – The wooden frame structure is an ideal construction for office buildings. Thanks to thermal inertia, you can turn off the heating for several hours. Before the employees come, it is enough to allow the room temperature to be optimal.



We spend 80% of our life in closed rooms. However, do we always know what we are surrounded by?

STEICO has set itself the task of creating building materials that reconcile the needs of people and nature. Our products were created from renewable raw materials and without harmful additives. These products help to reduce energy consumption and contribute to a large extent to the creation of a lasting and healthy climate in an apartment, which is valued not only by allergy sufferers.

Both construction materials as well as insulation products have been awarded with prestigious quality symbols. The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certificate guarantees the preservation of forestry in a similar condition to a natural one and the environmentally friendly use of wood. Also in independent researches, as in those carried out by the ÖKO-Test publishing house, STEICO products receive regularly a “very good”. Therefore, STEICO products guarantee safety and quality for many generations.

A natural insulation and construction system for renovation
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