Solar panels


Reducing house heating costs, as well as heating domestic hot water, is easy to achieve thanks to the installation of solar panels. They are characterized by the highest energy efficiency compared to other heating devices, because they require a trace amount of electricity to supply the circulation pump in a solar installation. For example, an installation consisting of three flat collectors with a total absorber area of 5.4 m2, in summer days with a sun radiation of 1000 W / m2 should receive a maximum of 3-4 kW of heat. Electricity consumed temporarily by the circulation pump at the level of 20-30 W, is thus only less than 1% of the heat obtained from the collectors. No commonly known technical solution can boast of such efficiency.

Prices of solar collectors depend on many factors. In the first place, the difference results from the construction – flat or vacuum. Flat panels can cost as much as 3-4 times less than high-class vacuum collectors (in terms of the active surface – apertures). As a result, they are used more often for technical and economic reasons. On the other hand, the prices of popular vacuum collectors with 2-wall glass tubes can be similar to the prices of flat collectors. However, the use of the latter rarely brings increased heat and other utility benefits.